Performance as storytelling

Tinkersmith [photo credit: Stephanie West]
 At Sweet Orange Studio we’re members of the Mission Hills Artists–  a collective of local artists dedicated to promoting the expression of creative talent. For the musicians, designers and many visual artists who belong, having organized events to share these gifts and make new friends is invaluable. As a voice actor, every other form of vocal expression (be it theater, film, television, song or spoken word) brings more authenticity to my delivery.

Our friends Neil and Judy opened their garden for the 14th annual Mission Hills Garden Walk this weekend, with music by Tinkersmith (that’s us) and Mara Cooper. Sharon Plache and Stephanie West have been great facilitators for this young organization, sharing their gifts for public relations, community building and inspired art-making.

Being on stage or on-camera ups the ante. It means I work harder, staying true to intentions of the writer while searching for meaning in the song or script that stirs my soul.  For every moment of real feeling on the stage there is a response, an invisible current of connection, streaming back to me. Stanislavski says an actor should “freshen up even a well-prepared role every time he creates it.” Constantin Stanislavski shared so much wisdom for actors that truly stands the test of time, like “Time is a splendid filter for our remembered feelings – besides it is a great artist. It not only purifies, it also transmutes even painfully realistic memories into poetry.” Professor Katie Rodda introduced us to Mr. Stanislavski and has encouraged us as performers in countless ways.

Relaxing into these new environments, singing and acting, and bringing in my 10,000 hours of practice at the microphone, I’m preparing myself for storytelling in whatever form is needed. Personal stories are key for transformation and I’m interested to see which stories I’m called upon to bring into the world next.

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