November – Voting Time

Here’s a new video I recorded for Ballot Point. They’re specialists in creating automated voting interfaces for unions and others.

However you vote, I know you’ve made sure that you’re properly registered, and it’s also important to double check your polling place if you like to go into the booth on voting day like we do. Ours has moved from Green Manor Apartments to the Spreckles Masonic Temple in Hillcrest. We’ll be there on November 6 saying Yes to Prop 37 and voting for O!


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3 responses to “November – Voting Time”

  1. Laura Plumb says :

    Oh yay! Yes to O, Yes to No GMO!

    • Sally Tinker Smith says :

      We’ll keep working on food security even though Prop 37 was not approved, and eating mostly plants grown by us or people we know 😉 I’m so pleased with most of the election results. Whew!

      • Laura Plumb says :

        Yes, a big exhale this week…
        except for 37 but as you say, it doesn’t really change things for local, organic plant-based eaters. for others, we’ll keep educating…

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