Radio: Transportation Puzzle

We at Sweet Orange Studio are everyday cyclists.  However, some days we gather all our resources and make an entirely different transportation plan, like this trip to Ashland that looped in an electric Smart car, Amtrak, the Flyaway bus from Union Station to LAX, flight to Oregon – and all the same steps in reverse.  I was so happy to find a car2go in Old Town when we got home!

I interviewed a few people in San Diego recently for the Jazz88 City Stories program, to see what kind of transportation works for them.  The day after our city selected Bob Filner as mayor (and liveability advocate) I wanted to share these ideas with you:

Downtown’s sheer density provides an opportunity to re-think our ideas about development.  More housing normally requires more parking spaces, and more driving means fewer people are on the street.  It turns out that San Diego is right on the cutting edge with European-style electric car sharing, thoughtful planning for bikes, and abundant public transit options.  I discovered that the future of getting around in San Diego is full of exciting possibilities.

LISTENMP3 – Transportation Puzzle (5 min)

For more information on electric car sharing visit  Cyclists can learn more about bike commuting at

3 Replies to “Radio: Transportation Puzzle”

  1. Sally – this is so wonderful! Your voice, enthusiasm and sonorous intelligence is inspiring! You are such a natural! So fun.

    I hope to see you this weekend at Mission Hills. Are you singing?

    Blessings, Laura Plumb Natural Medicine 619 435 0497 facebook/VedaWise

    1. Thank you Laura! It’s challenging and great fun to pull these radio stories together. I’ll post Jeff’s piece on Laurel Corona soon.

      I will be at the Mission Hills event most of the day, although I am not singing this time. Teagan Taylor Trio begins around 1:00 if your path home brings you through our neighborhood. We’d love to see you!

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