In the Studio: Walmart and Olivewood, Mile of Cars, Garden Walk

Olivewood Terrace est.1913
Olivewood Terrace est.1913

Now on assignment in National City for Jazz88 we’ve been exploring this city of opposites. In the 1900’s the East-West railroad was supposed to end here and forward-looking settlers grabbed a kit from Sears Roebuck and built their fine Victorian homes (with indoor plumbing!) in the neighborhood known as Olivewood Terrace. At the former Oliver H. Noyes home, Olivewood Gardens, a learning center for National City children and families to reconnect with food, now thrives. Students in 4th 5th and 6th grade get to experience the entire life cycle of vegetables they’ve grown themselves, cooking, eating and returning kitchen scraps to the garden soil. It’s their science class!

The Walmart heiress who donated her hilltop home and garden has made this oasis possible, making it a bit of a Robin Hood story. The program of the International Community Foundation was created to address high diabetes and childhood obesity rates, linked to lower incomes and higher unemployment in this South Bay community.

While Sally pulls together the Olivewood segment this week, Jeff has been at Mayor Morrison’s office and out among the salespeople getting a feel for the Mile of Cars.

And to end the week in beauty, Tinkersmith has been invited to make music tucked into local garden for the annual Mission Hills Garden Walk, happening this Saturday, May 11 – Mother’s Day weekend.

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