Radio: Legendary Lifeguards of Del Mar

Jim (Kimo) Lischer
Jeff interviews Jim (Kimo) Lischer

On a typical day, Southern California lifeguards protect 400 miles of coastline.  They are the first responders, and in the classic beach community of Del Mar, lifeguards have rip currents, sting rays, unstable cliffs and changing weather conditions to keep them on their toes. Jeff headed down to this two-mile strip of beach that attracts thousands each year to meet the crew, past and present:

LISTENDel Mar Lifeguards (5 min)

Thank you to everyone we spoke with – Joyce Hoffman, Jack Ross, Jim Lischer, Jon Edelbrock and Pat Vergne. Your stories provided valuable background for this story, and we wish we could have included them all! For history and more information on Del Mar’s ever vigilant lifeguard crew, go to

Radio: Bluestocking Books

Bluestocking Books
Bluestocking Books in Hillcrest

Yesterday on KSDS Jazz88 public radio, one of Sweet Orange Studio’s favorite segments aired! While covering the Hillcrest neighborhood for City Stories, we spent some time with Kris and Mary of Bluestocking Books and were welcomed into the literary circles that gather within. Jeff met Caleb of the LGBT Multicultural Book Club (gathering again on July 21) and Curran, Ron and Rudi from the Sunday poetry group (next meeting July 28)…

“Quaint shops are one of the hallmarks of Hillcrest. A walk down Fifth Avenue between University and Robinson reveals the vintage façade of the old Guild theater. A couple of doors down is Bluestocking Books. I wandered inside and was transported to a place where time seems to stand still.”

LISTENBluestocking Books MP3 (5 min)

“The heritage of the old fashioned bookstore can be found here. Information on poetry readings, the book club and other events can be found at”

Bluestocking Books
3817 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103

Radio: Japanese Internment

Photo: Julian F. Fowlkes

We had the distinct pleasure of meeting retired pharmacist Tak Sugimoto and a few of his friends in Encinitas for a radio story Jeff created for Jazz88.  Listen to hear about Japanese Internment from the perspective of a local who experienced it first-hand…

The City of Encinitas was deeply affected by the events of a dark period in our nation’s history. City Stories reporter Jeff Smith sheds some light on someone who made the best of these trying times.

LISTENTakeo Sugimoto MP3 (5 minutes)

The Encinitas Historical Society house the story of Tak and many other treasures making it a place worth visiting. To learn more about the shameful history of World War II Japanese American Internment camps please visit

Radio: Laurel’s Story

The Mapmaker's Daughter
The Mapmaker’s Daughter [2014]
by Laurel Corona
The latest news from our friend Laurel Corona,  is that she has secured a publishing deal for her novel The Mapmaker’s Daughter due out in 2014.  She was recently spotted in Los Angeles, working on revisions to a screenplay of The Four Seasons.  Join Jeff for a snapshot of her life, which aired on KSDS Jazz88this month:

Dr. Laurel Corona is a published author and Professor of Humanities at City College.   She’s won many awards for her writing, bringing home the award for historical fiction and the top prize, the Geisel Award, from the San Diego Book Awards in 2012.  Jeff tells us what happened when life recently threw Laurel a curve.

LISTENAuthor Laurel Corona_mp3  (5 minutes)

Keep up with Laurel and other local women authors at sandiegowritingwomen.blogspot, where fresh content about the writing life is posted every month.  To take a class with Professor Corona, check the schedule at San Diego City College.