In the Studio: Peter Sprague, Jazz88, more TJ Maxx

Camarada with Peter Sprague

Tonight in San Diego’s Little Italy, Camarada performs the original music of Peter Sprague in a concert titled Just Jazz Two.  This week has been all about promoting this show and prepping for Night Music, a classical journey with the delightful author Zoe Ghahremani reading Persian poetry.

Waiting in the wings is the SD Hospice story we’re crafting for City Stories on Jazz88 public radio.  The unwinding of this national leader in contemplative end-of-life care has been complex, interesting and somewhat heartbreaking to observe.  We’d like to share a bit about the people behind the scenes (staff and volunteers) to get a sense of the spirit of the organization and how it will spin bright sparks out into the community.

With the European project for TJ Maxx complete, we now develop a large system for their Canadian offices.  Oregonians Monique and Clara step into the virtual green room for French-Canadian and Spanish recordings.

Tomorrow afternoon Jeff and Sally, Ira, and Rosie (the Tinkersmith band) perform at Green Manor.  Rehearsal begins again in one hour!

In the Studio: San Diego Hospice, Bluestocking Books, TJ Maxx

The grounds at SD Hospice in Hillcrest
The grounds at SD Hospice in Hillcrest

Out and about with our trusty field recorder, we’re doing more stories for Jazz88 public radio.  Jeff discovered an eclectic community of literary types at Bluestocking Books and Sally is gathering interviews for a story on San Diego Hospice, focusing on where the energy of these well-trained and wonderful people will go, now that the Hillcrest location is on the auction block and the operation is winding down.

We’re just finalizing a series of projects for TJ Maxx stores, including a global telephone application in British, German and Polish – introducing Katy, Linda and Agnieszka to the Sweet Orange talent pool.

In April and May Tinkersmith will be performing music in Mission Hills.  Watch our calendar page for updates.