Radio: Legendary Lifeguards of Del Mar

Jim (Kimo) Lischer
Jeff interviews Jim (Kimo) Lischer

On a typical day, Southern California lifeguards protect 400 miles of coastline.  They are the first responders, and in the classic beach community of Del Mar, lifeguards have rip currents, sting rays, unstable cliffs and changing weather conditions to keep them on their toes. Jeff headed down to this two-mile strip of beach that attracts thousands each year to meet the crew, past and present:

LISTENDel Mar Lifeguards (5 min)

Thank you to everyone we spoke with – Joyce Hoffman, Jack Ross, Jim Lischer, Jon Edelbrock and Pat Vergne. Your stories provided valuable background for this story, and we wish we could have included them all! For history and more information on Del Mar’s ever vigilant lifeguard crew, go to

Radio: Dog-friendly Del Mar

L’Auberge Hotel Mascot – Sofie

With a dog-friendly hotels, specialty bakeries and health food stores just for pets, along with one of the best dog beaches in the area – Del Mar Dogs are doted on like the privileged family members they have become. Sally went to Del Mar to sniff out the scene for City Stories:

LISTENDel Mar Dogs (5 min)

The Helen Woodward Animal Center holds its annual Surf Dog Surf-a-thon in September at Del Mar’s Dog Beach. For more information on the center and its surfing fund raiser, visit And for tips on teaching your dog to surf, contact

Radio: San Diego Hospice

Michael Sohmer doing rounds in Hillcrest

At the former San Diego Hospice in Hillcrest, quality care for the dying was underpinned by the special attention devoted to supporting the whole person, including staff and volunteers.

LISTEN: MP3 – SDHospice (10 min)

In this special report for City Stories on public radio KSDS Jazz88, I met with the displaced members of this tightly knit group to learn their plans for the future. Erin Raskin, Michael Sohmer, Jan Sykora, Mary Helmick, Carol Mills, Bella Suavengco, and founder Dr. Doris Howell talk about what’s next.